Vietnamese engineers fully able to operate VNREDSat-1

(CPV) - According to the Vietnam NationalSatellite Centre (VNSC) of theVietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), Vietnam’s first earth observation satellite (VNREDSat-1) which was put into orbit on May 7 has been continuing stable operation. Its operations have been fully conducted by Vietnamese engineers.

The VNSC said that VNREDSat-1 had taken, transmitted, received and dealt with 7,799 photos, including 735 taken of the Vietnamese territory, mainly serving the purpose of assessing the efficiency of the system. Besides, photos taken by VNREDSat-1 have been provided to meet some specific requirements. So far it has operated on stable orbit with all functions and technical capabilities meeting the requirements.

At present, the operation of the system is fully conducted by Vietnamese engineers.

Earlier, to realise the Prime Minister’s direction to increase cooperation in operating the system and to promote the technical exploitation of the system, the VASS and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment signed a cooperation agreement on the management, operation and exploitation of the satellite system./.