Vietnam Business Forum in Europe

(VOV) – More than 200 Vietnamese delegates from 12 European countries have examined ways to strengthen links and expand operations in this large, lucrative market.

The Vietnam Business Forum in Kharkov, Ukraine, on September 14.

The September 14 forum, held in Kharkov, Ukraine, focused on building and developing retail networks, bars, restaurants and services to help establish effective trading methods for the overseas Vietnamese community in Europe.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Ukraine Ho Dac Minh Nguyet said the forum demonstrates the Party and State’s concern for Vietnamese businesses abroad and encourages them to operate in line with the legal system in their countries of residence.


Ambassador to Belgium Pham Sanh Chau said success of overseas Vietnamese businesses helps raise Vietnam’s profile and improve its global business relations and international trade negotiations.

He briefed delegates on new opportunities and challenges which will present when the Ukraine becomes a member of the European Union.

Participants shared experiences in penetrating European countries.

Pham Ngoc Chu, head of the overseas Vietnamese businesses association in Hungary, said retail trading is more and more difficult in Eastern Europe, and in order to compete with multinational groups, Vietnamese businesses need to build trademarks.

Pham Minh Nam, head of the Vietnamese businesses delegation in the UK discussed regulations and the differences in retail trading in the UK. He noted businesses find it difficult to gain similar success in other Eastern European countries.

Participants watched a video clip introducing successful businesses in Kharkov and Ukraine and their contributions to their homeland.

The eighth forum will be held in Italy next year.

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