Vietnam actively responds to climate change

International environmental experts have highly appreciated Vietnam‘s efforts in coping with climate change. This has been demonstrated by the introduction of National Target Program in respond to cope with climate change in 2008, the National Strategy on Climate Change in 2011 and a series of action plans of ministries, branches and localities in respond to climate change. Especially, Vietnam collaborates with the Network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The collaboration with NGOs was firstly marked by the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding on coordination and cooperation to share information about climate change response activities among Department of Hydrometeorology and Climate Change (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), Climate Change Working Group of NGOs in Vietnam and the Network of non-governmental organizations on climate change in Vietnam (VNGO & CC).

According to Vu Thi Bich Hop – Chairman of VNGO & CC, the coordination and cooperation have made some positive impacts. Specifically, three workshops were held in three regions and each conference was a forum to update and share information on activities and experiences in implementing the models, activities related to climate change. The workshop were attended by representatives of the authorities, central and local government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, international development partners, donors and experts of the climate change projects / programs.

After the workshop, the new and important policies and documents related to climate change were presented to the representatives of local agencies, non-governmental organizations at the locality. Difficulties and problems when building an action plan to respond to climate change are shared and discussed to find solutions. In addition, the opportunity to link the province’s action plan with the national strategy and policy as well as policy actions of the Program Coordination Committee for Response to Climate Change is discussed. The good models of climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction that have made good changes into socioeconomic development planshave been shared.

From the achieved results, the Department of Hydrometeorology and Climate Change and the Network of non-governmental organizations on climate change in Vietnam(VNGO & CC) will continue their joint coordination and cooperation in 2013 through some forums. In particular, these forums will focus on three main themes on enhancing efficient management and promotion of afforestation and protection of coastal mangrove forests, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

The NGOs hope that they will get more financial assistance from the international community, the private sector and governments to help replicate good models in the whole country. That will contribute to ensuring food security, water security, social security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Vietnam.

In 2010, funding for Vietnamin programs supporting climate change adaptation is about US$ 138 million (JICA: $ 110 million, AFD: $ 28 million). In 2011 the number is up to US$ 142.5 million (JICA: 110 million USD AFD: $ 28 million, CIDA – Canada: $ 4.5 million). 2012 is approximately US$ 136 million (AFD: $ 28 million, WB: $ 70 million, Australia: $ 8 million, South Korea: 30 million ). In 2013, US$ 248 million has been disbursed in 2013 (JICA: $ 178 million, WB: $ 70 million).

Mai Chi