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(VEN) – On August 29, 2013, BSA | The Software Alliance, with the support of the US Embassy in Hanoi, unveiled its latest Verafirm online portal in Vietnam.

The US Embassy in Hanoi Economic Counselor Laura Stone - Photo: Thanh Minh

The US Embassy in Hanoi Economic Counselor Laura Stone - Photo: Thanh Minh

Verafirm is a simple, smart and effective online system that provides companies a tool to register and manage their own software assets. Verafirm also serves as the only global register of companies and a reference for buyers looking to use and maintain an ethical supply chain.

Verafirm was developed by major software publishers and experts. Logging on to the system, companies will easily manage their software and maintain proper records of their purchases. The simple, convenient and user-friendly design of the system takes corporate users through only four easy steps to become a Verafirm registered company, including setting up a company account, choosing to appoint a manager for software registration, entering software license information and attesting to the completeness and truthfulness of data declared by the chief executive officer.

“With its unique advantages, Verafirm helps companies in Vietnam not only simplify software asset management but also increase competitiveness through the effective use of information technology. Verafirm registered companies will receive a seal of assurance that will be testament of their compliance and respect for intellectual property laws and subscription to good work ethics. The use of original software will mean better internal efficiency and control,” BSA’s Senior Director for Anti-piracy in the Asia-Pacific region Tarun Sawney said.

“We applaud the BSA for bringing together companies and harnessing their collective to address the industry-wide issue of IPR violations,” the US Embassy in Hanoi Economic Counselor Laura Stone said. “Verafirm is a non-profit endeavor supported by major software publishers that will safeguard and advance the US business interests in Vietnam and play an important role in protecting intellectual property rights, a Mission Vietnam priority.”

“BSA believes that Verafirm will play an important role in protecting intellectual property rights, help improve the credibility of the Vietnamese exporters to the US market and create the better business environment for foreign companies operating and investing in Vietnam,” Tarun Sawney said.

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The Copyright Office of Vietnam, the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MOCST) and the Software Alliance (BSA) jointly celebrated the 5th year since the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on the computer software ownership protection partnership. The three partners expressed their satisfaction with what has been achieved and agreed the set targets for the years to come, one of which is to cut Vietnam’s software piracy down to 70 percent by 2018.
Having been signed on Aug 26, 2008, the Memorandum of Understanding marked a new step forward in promotion of Public-Private Partnership in protection of software copyright. Both sides make joint efforts for more effective actions in the fight against software piracy in Vietnam.
BSA’s Senior Director for Anti-piracy in the Asia-Pacific region Tarun Sawney said, “Before the establishment of the partnership, the software piracy rate in Vietnam was one of the highest in the world, and now, Vietnam is no longer in that list. With the software piracy rate dropping 11 points from 92 percent in 2004 to 81 percent in 2011, Vietnam is seen as having made the strongest and most positive progress in combating software piracy. Such progress would not have been possible without the great efforts of various agencies within the Vietnamese government, organizations and industry. Importantly, the cooperation between the Inspectorate of MOCST, Vietnam Copyright Office and the police has played a great role in this.”

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