Trial model of planting lingzhi mushroom in Son Dinh

Through the introduction of the commune Farmer’s Union, 8/2012, family of Mrs.Thai Thi Em in Phung Chau village, Son Dinh Commune, Cho Lach district was selected for planting pilot of linhzhi mushroom. The first step didn’t have a lot of experiences but the results were positive.

Photo illlustration

Photo illlustration

Before planting lingzhi mushroom, family of Mrs. Em had produced seed plants. Meeting the needs of travel, exploring new lands in the village of Son Dinh from village eco-tourism development projects and meeting the criteria of new rural construction, her family and Mrs. Em implemented pilot of lingzhi cultivation model.
Mrs.Em shared “Growing lingzhi mushroom is considered fairly new to the family, the first time we hesitated, afraid not to do, but we were instructed techniques by the staffs of Ben Tre Department of Science and Technology, we are safer. The first time cultivating linhzhi but I felt the realizable model for farmers”.

Involving linhzhi mushroom plantation model, family of Mrs. Em was supported free 2 thousand seed bags, technical guidance and investment of water filter system for her household. After taking care, complying with procedures, mushrooms had grown well and harvested higher yields and lower wastage rate.

Mrs. Em said: “Lingzhi cultivation seems pretty simple, does not take up much space, with 2 thousand germs, I plant germs with 6m wide, 12m long, the height from the platform ground at a distance of more than 0,5 m. To design the grid house, the installation of sprinkler systems depending on the weather and water used accordingly. Linhzhi is irrigated at 35 degrees C or higher. By this measure, after 2 months of care mushrooms are harvested. Period 1 harvested 38 kg and period 2 harvested 30 kg. With the price of 380.000 VND / kg it brought profit nearly 20 million VND, after deduction of expenses.”

Seeing efficiency from linhzhi mushroom cultivation model, family of Mrs. Em had an attachment for this profession.

In addition, with her own experiences, Mrs. Em said linhzhi is used like a valuable drug. Thus, plating linhzhi should ensure appropriate process, food safety and environment protection as well.

Investment of linhzhi mushroom plantation model in Son Dinh, Cho Lach is considered a new promising model for farmers. It not only helps farmers but also it contributes to economic development, the diversification of sectors; developing local tourism eco-villages in order to explore new lands and meet the criteria for the new rural village at the end of 2013.