The development of Na Duong coal

(VEN) – The Viet Bac Mining Industry Corporation’s Na Duong Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant under the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) is located in Loc Binh District, Lang Son Province. The strong development of its thermal power plant in recent years has contributed to creating jobs and ensuring better living conditions for local people.



Na Duong Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant Deputy Director Duong Thi Thuy Nga said that workers in the plant were allowed to be off on rainy days. According to a calculation, the number of day off accounted for nearly a quarter of the year.

Na Duong coal contains many features. Coal basin runs from the northeast to the southwest. Na Duong coal is a special kind of coal and rare in Vietnam. Although the coal exploitation is difficult, the sorting out and storage is more difficult. In the past, if Na Duong coal was left in a night, it may burn up. In the burning process, if sulfur from coal gets in touch with water, it will convert into sulfuric acid, causing negative impacts on human health and the environment. However, handling with coal-fired incidents has been ensured.

In the last century, a series of wet cement plants was constructed and Na Duong coal was the most effective material. Over 2,000 local people were employed to work in the coal mine. This period was considered the golden age of the Na Duong coal mine. However, in recent years, cement plants have switched into production by dry method. Therefore, the consumption of Na Duong coal has become more difficult. Leaders of the Viet Bac Mining Industry Corporation and Vinacomin organized workshops to find out solutions in order to consume its rare coal.


The Na Duong Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant was put into operation in 2005 and was seen a solution for the consumption of Na Duong coal. According to statistics, the Na Duong coal mine provides more 500,000 tonnes of clean coal for the plant each year.

Due to the fluctuation in the economy, leaders and employees in the coal mine have determined to build the mine with a new look. Duong Thi Thuy Nga said that the mechanization had brought high efficiency. The plant has also invested in machinery and equipment in order to create favorable conditions for workers.

To develop production, the plant has paid special attention to human resource training. In addition, the plant has also created favorable conditions for employees to improve their qualification. Hundreds of employees were trained in the past five years. In particular, the plant has applied scientific and technological achievements into production, contributing to bringing higher economic efficiency./.

By Hai Ha