Report the results from implementation of the “Actions in favor of Children of Dong Nai in 2001-2010″

In July 24th, 2013 the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) issued document no 5927/BC-UBND on ​​the results from implementation of the program “Actions in favor of Children of Dong Nai province in 2001-2010″.

The program has achieved significant success; the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and PPC have issued many documents about the care and protection of children; the implementation of the objectives on health, nutrition; the implementation of educational objectives and child protection; the need to comply with the objectives on clean water, sanitation; the implementation of targeted cultural, entertaining locations for kids with their participation. The above objectives were fundamentally achieved and exceeded, in which 14/27 KPI exceeded the set goal, 5/27 reached the set goal, 3/27 came close to the targeted figure and 5/27 did not meet the requirements.

The Perception of Party committees, governments, departments and units on the protection, care and education of children has been significantly improved. The PPC held 2 “Meetings on children lovers”, praising hundreds of collectives and individuals for their contribution to the care and protection of children. Many factors related to children of the province have been improved considerably. Party committees at all levels, the State in general and local authorities in particular have issued particular guidelines, policies and priorities for children, especially those with specific difficulties such as in need for scholarship, diseases, surgery, orthopedics, regular support … to help more children have stable life.

For targets on nutrition, instructions were given on building a well-organized network of infrastructure, equipment, investing towards standardization to contribute to improving and enhancing the quality of the system from provinces to communes, wards and towns. Community health programs are increasingly paid attention to by the State and the public, therefore, achievements in the prevention and control of epidemics in the past time were comprehensive; annual vaccination program extend to children under 01 years of age always reaches 99%, 06 serious diseases such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus … has been basically controlled.

A strongly promoted communication program has influenced people’s awareness of taking care of children since in the womb. The number of women in childbearing age and pregnant women who were vaccinated against tetanus every year reached 100%. Programs to prevent malnourished children in Dong Nai were actively organized by Health Ministry across the province with primary focus on supporting the recovery of children under 2 years of age who are malnourished; communication program on spreading knowledge to prevent malnutrition for families is frequently ​​held, pilot nutritious meals were given and guidance for families to process food from local food sources in order to substantially decrease the rate of malnourished children.

For educational goals, Resolution 40/2000/QH10 dated December 9th, 2000 of Congress on innovation content, programs and teaching methods, ensuring to substitute the syllabus of six 7 and 8 grade successfully was carried out. There is ongoing investment from the state budget and social budget for education, implementation towards diversification, scale modernization of schools and classrooms and students. Strengthening and training teachers towards more quality. Making good extracurricular activities in educational environment, conduct traffic law and legal education as well as sports.

Conducting child care for those with difficulties, help them overcome difficulties in learning; the Dong Nai education support department combined with economic units (Dong Nai Electrical and electronics company, Aji-no-moto, Vinamilk, the program “Omo white shining future” …) offered a lot of scholarships for students.

On child protection, policies and regimes for children with special circumstances have been smoothly carried out, annually programs and plans for implementation of child care for those with particularly difficult circumstances are being implemented to mobilize foreign organizations, businesses and individuals as well as local organizations in integration with poverty alleviation funds, funds supporting the protection of children, the National Fund for job creation … to help children have better living conditions.

About extra curriculum activities, entertainment the Culture – Sports and Tourism ministry has successfully integrated the plan incorporating cultural and spiritual life of children in the activity of the respective ministry, organizing cultural activities, performance, arts, sports, training for gifted children. From provincial to district libraries, mobile cinema activities, art performances of Cai Luong Troupe, propaganda activities of these team are focusing on building annual programs for children, especially in the summer. Cultural activities, arts, sports at the Cultural and Sport Center, local clubs have always received positive response of the children involved. Many programs, cultural family model has been implemented by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism such as the “club” model, domestic violence prevention club, family development programs; currently there are 246 family club sustainably developing with 6,889 members …

On the objective on fresh Water, sanitation implementing the program on national target for water and sanitation in rural areas, bring up the rate of population using clean water and standardized toilets of households birth of regulation every year.

Action in favor of Children of Dong Nai province in 2001-2010 period has achieved a number of significant achievements, however there are still some limitations to overcome, some targets were not reached. Overcoming these limitations requires a shift in perception of the party committees, governments, agencies, organizations and the majority of people on the protection and care of children expressed in concrete actions in the direction and implementation.

Propaganda, advocacy, family education, family economic development, improvement of community life is an important factor that needs to be taken care of to protect, take care for and educate children to reduce the number of homeless children, children who drop out of school, delinquent children. Make good inspection, supervision and settlement of complaints related to families and children. Criticize and timely handle personal, collective who violated children’s rights. Building a safe and friendly environment to children, remove or reduce to the minimum the risk of injury to children. The State needs to provide more preferential policies for staff in protection and care for children at all levels .etc.


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