Nursery schools’ low education quality makes parents anxious

VietNamNet Bridge – Some international nursery schools charge the fees of nearly VND10 million a month. At other schools, parents only have to pay VND30,000 per day, including the expenses for the meals. However, the parents all feel anxious about the quality of nursery schools.The household-run classes for the poor’s’ childrennursery-schools-low-education-quality-makes-parents-anxious-1196705-20130910110705-edu

On the Tran Van On Road in Phu Hoa ward of Thu Dau Mot City in Binh Duong province alone, there are some 20 nursery schools or private run classes for the children aged below five. On the small alley of the residential quarter No. 6 alone, there are two establishments providing child-minding services.

The Vinh Son Nursery School has a large campus with a well-conditioned playground and many classes. Meanwhile, the Anh Thu household run classes, in front of Vinh Son, only has one rocker, put on the place which previously reserved for motorbike parking. About 20 children aged from 18 months old to 5 year old were gathered in a 15 square meter room.

Nguyen Thi Thuy, a garment worker on Le Hong Phong Road, said she sends her child to a private run class instead of a big nursery school, which allows her to save a big sum of money.

“I have to pay VND900,000 a month, or just VND30,000 a day, which covers the expenses on the meals as well,” Thuy said.

However, when asked if the modest sum of money can ensure the nutritious meals for the child, Thuy said the child is stunted, but she has no other choice.

“I can earn VND4 million a month only. If I bring my child to prestigious schools, I would have to pay VND2.5-3 million a month,” she explained.

The 20 children of the household run class were detached with the streets by a barricade. Smaller children, who still could not walk, were put on hammock. Bigger children were seen standing or lying. There were some new comers, who first got familiar to the teachers and friends, but cried all the time. Meanwhile, others were seen crouched at some corners.

Thuy said that besides the tuitions the money for the meals, Thuy has to bring milk to feed the child every day. She also had to spend VND300,000 to buy a cushion for the child. Other children had to lie on the floor.

The rich parents also feel anxious

Not only the workers with low income earners, but the parents from well off families also feel anxious about their children at nursery schools.

Tran Lam Ngoc in district 7 in HCM City said his 4 year old son goes to a private run school on Huynh Tan Phat Street. The monthly tuition is VND4 million.

Ngoc decided to send the child to the school because there is a camera at the school which allows Ngoc to keep watching over his child. Though it is a prestigious school, Ngoc steel feels anxious.

Ngoc said a nephew of his, who went to DRM nursery school, has been beaten by the teacher just because he was slow in drinking milk. Therefore, Ngoc has big worries about the current education quality.

Tien Phong