Non-state schools in state of anxious suspense

VietNamNet Bridge – While state owned schools now can be sure that they can enroll enough students for the 2013-2014 academic year, people-founded schools still look forward for students’ registrations.


September 10 was the deadline for universities to receive the applications from students who register the study as their second option (the students failed the exams to other schools and they have the right to register to study at other schools which set lower required marks).

Prior to that, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) reassured private schools that there would be enough students for them to enroll, because there are more students, who got the national university entrance exam marks higher than the floor marks set up by MOET.

State owned schools keep composed

It is predictable that state owned schools receive many more applications than private ones. Studying at state owned schools remains the top choice of the majority of students.

The Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, Banking Academy, Power University, the Hanoi Industry University all have reported that the applications they have received are 2-10 times higher than the numbers of students they plan to enroll.

The schools will surely set the required marks higher than the floor marks which students needed to have to make applications.

According to the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering Le Van Thanh, to enroll 760 more students, the school informed that the students who got from 17 to 22 marks from the entrance exams, could make applications. However, the school has got 2,500 applications so far.

The Journalism and Communication Academy has reportedly received 600 applications, while it planned to get 100. Especially, the Post and Communication Institute has got 3,800 applications, which is 20 times higher than needed.

The Can Tho University has become the first school which announced the required marks for the students registering to study there as their second option. 3-5 marks higher than the floor marks which students needed to have to make applications.

Non-state schools cry about the lack of students

While state owned schools plan to finish the enrolment season soon, as they now can be sure they have found enough students, private schools would have to wait until October 31, because the number of applications so far just meet 50 percent of the demand.

The Phuong Dong people founded University is one of the luckiest schools which have received a high number of applications. To date, it has received 3,000 applications, while it plans to get 2,300.

However, President of Phuong Dong University Bui Thien Du said he still cannot set his mind at rest, because 30-40 percent of the applications are “virtual,” which means the students do not really want to study at the school. The proportion was higher at 50 percent in 2012.

Du also said that the numbers of students are not equal for different training majors. While most of students register to study architecture, other faculties still have few students.

President of the Luong The Vinh University Nguyen Van Hung complained that the number of applications so far remains very modest.

“We hope to receive more applications in the future, when state owned schools announce the required minimum marks. By that time, the students who fail to enter state owned schools would apply for private schools,” Hung said.

Chi Mai

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