Hon Gai Coal boosts cleaner production

(VEN) – To implement steadfast goals of cleaner production (CP) and maintaining a green and clean environment, the Hon Gai Coal Co. Ltd., has spent more than VND12.87 billion on CP solutions.

Activities in the manufacturing sector have a big impact on the environment, therefore, Hon Gai Coal always pays due attention to the production associated with environmental protection, looking forwards to CP models. In recent years, many CP solutions have been deployed including establishment of environment specialist teams headed by a vice director and a mining technician of the company, who have been attending training courses on environmental protection knowledge. The company’s being exploited mines and deployed projects meet environmental standards set by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In the manufacturing areas that produce coal dust such as coal sorting and transport, the company installed misting systems and dust suppression sprinkles. All pits are equipped with ventilation systems. Barren hills in industrial premises are covered with trees. The company has also gradually changed modes of transport, using coal conveyors to reduce dust emissions. Moreover, the company in collaboration with Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation’s environment company built five wastewater treatment stations at its member coal enterprises including Cao Thang, Giap Khau, and Thanh Cong with daily treatment capacity of 2.500cu.m per station.

In addition, the company also installed water filtration systems in all of its member units and garbage collection systems in industrial premises and residential quarters, to favor workers in terms of working and living conditions. The company also aimed to build green and clean office buildings and mines. It also managed to raise worker awareness of CP models and solutions, bringing CP standards to the list of conditions for year-end compliment and bonuses.

Seeing that CP application is a tough process, Hon Gai Coal decided to spend a large amount of capital to maintain the effectiveness of CP solutions. During the first half of this year, it spent more than VND7.1 billion on CP solutions such as deposits for environmental rehabilitation projects for the exploitation and processing of coal; improvement of dust suppression misting systems in coal pits; regular maintenance of dust suppression systems in industrial premises, particularly the coal chute and dump; tea plantation in industrial premises and around office buildings; and dredging ditches and streams to ensure no flooding residential areas and industrial premises in the rainy season. These solutions have helped maintain a clean and green environment around mining and residential areas.

It is expected that in the second half of the year, the company will continue to invest further in CP solutions and environmental protection projects including the 75m underground wastewater treatment plant and a waste discharge system at its member coal enterprise of Thanh Cong and the open wastewater treatment station 917. In addition, it will continue improving mining areas environmentally through growing trees, concretizing roads to mines, and controlling waste treatment and discharge.

With its applied CP solutions, Hon Gai Coal was considered as one of the coal companies well performing production and environmental protection./.

By Lan Phuong