Hanoi concert celebrates Brazilian Independence Day

A well-known Brazilian duo, flutist Joao Bastos and pianist Yara Borges, will perform in Hanoi at a concert titled “A Panorama of the Brazilian Music” tonight.


The show, which is being held by the Brazilian Embassy in Vietnam to celebrate the 191st anniversary of Brazilian Independence Day on September 7, will features famous works by Brazilian composers including Guerra Peixe, Camargo Guarnieri, Ernesto Nazareth, and Pattapio Silvia.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, João Bastos graduated from the Institute of Music and Theater, Zurich in 2006 with a concert diploma and a special award. Bastos has taken part in numerous ensembles and festivals, including the International Festival of Baroque Music in Juíz de Fora in Brazil, the Flims-Klang Festival in Switzerland’s Graubünden, and the Alumni Orchestra in the Tonhalle Zurich.

Borges received a bachelor’s degree in piano from the Paraiba Federal University and graduated from the Bern Music Academy, specializing in piano performance. Borges then got a master’s degree at the Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany. She also received many awards from different piano competitions in Brazil.

Besides Vietnam, the duo will also perform in Malaysia and Singapore.