Guaranteeing Stable Power Supply for Socio-economic Development


Being awarded with Second and Third-class Independence Orders twice, First, Second and Third-class Labour Medals; two emulative flags from the Government; four ones from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL); 190 certificates of merit from ministries, central and local agencies are a proud reflection of the efforts of all members in Thai Binh Power Company during its 47 years of development.

Fully aware of the role and importance of power in the national economy and the fact that local socio-economic development requires one step ahead in the planning and expansion of power source and network, Thai Binh Power Company has consulted the provincial government about power planning and directly conducted survey, design and construction of all electricity works serving agricultural production.

The development of Thai Binh power network has resulted from the tireless efforts of the company’s staff generations in terms of experience and lessons learnt from success. Thai Binh Power Company determines the its first priority task is to guarantee stable power energy for local socio-economic development. At the same time, the company also coordinates with Provincial Department of Industry and Trade and other sectors to consult the provincial government in terms of planning and expansion of power network in each period. The company always upholds the tradition of solidarity. Meanwhile, democracy at grass-root level and consistence in management and leadership are promoted to make the whole company ever stronger.

The Management Board has paid close attention to capacity strengthening for the management staff. Thai Binh Power Company has built up and adopted a quality management system in accordance with ISO standard since 2008. Technology and machines have also been upgraded while the employees’ professional knowledge is updated regularly. The workers have had stable jobs, income and life when all of them sign labour contracts and enrol in Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance.

Regarding the development of its Party cell, Trade Union and solidarity among its member units, Thai Binh Power Company has strictly followed the policies of the Central Party and Government as well as sectoral and local regulations. Its Party Committee has become a strong and transparent unit for many years. In summary, generations of staff have always taken pride in the golden and prestigious traditions of Thai Binh Power Company during its 45 year-development.

Duc Binh