Exhibition showcases Nguyen dynasty porcelain plates

Works on display at the exhibition

Works on display at the exhibition

Nhan Dan Online – Thirty – one exquisite porcelain plates from the Nguyen dynasty are now being displayed at an exhibition that opened on September 18 in Hue city.
The plates, which were used for tea drinking, are decorated with patterns, landscapes, and verses in deep blue glaze. There were also made-in-China plates used in Vietnam between the end of the 18th centuries and the early 19th century.

The exhibits belong to collectors Doan Phuoc Thuan and Tran Dac Luc, introduce visitors to the leisure of tea drinking of the rich and the not-so-rich people on the old days as well as the skill and talent of Vietnamese porcelain artisans.

The display runs through October 18 at the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum, 3 Le Truc street in Hue city.

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