Eight-month pregnant woman stabs abdomen herself

VietNamNet Bridge – Upset about the family, a woman of eight months pregnant stabbed herself with a knife in the middle of the abdomen.

Doctors of the Trieu An Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City have rescued a woman named PTY from District 6, who was in the 8th month of pregnancy.

According to doctors, the woman was hospitalized at 1.15pm on September 10 in critical condition: the abdominal wound was very deep, with uterine perforation, amniotic fluid flowing, the knife stabbing to the abdomen of the baby inside.

Doctors quickly conducted an emergency caesarean. After ten minutes, the baby looked ruddy and could breathe (intubation). After first aid, the baby’s lips were ruddy, she could breathe on her own and the heart beat regularly, but she still had an abdominal wound.

The baby was transferred to the Children’s Hospital 1. She has been rescued.

The woman was also rescued. She is now awaken and being treated at the obstetrics ward of Trieu An Hospital.

According to Trieu An Hospital, the woman upset about family so she stabbed herself, to the middle of the abdomen.

P. Lien

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