City to launch salary probes at 53 State firms

Ha Van

At a meeting on the Jan-August socioeconomic situation, chairman Quan asked relevant agencies to inspect the irregularities relating to payments to State officers after several executives at State enterprises were reportedly paid billions of Vietnam dong each a year. The abnormally high pays at the four companies violate State salary regulations, thus need to be handled drastically, he insisted.

Le Ngoc Thuy Trang, director of the city’s Corporate Finance Department, told the Daily on the sidelines of the meeting that there were two salary funds at 100% State-owned enterprises, one for workers and the other for executives. The city’s government considers and approves the executive salary fund annually, Trang said, adding the forthcoming inspection would focus on this amount.

The city in a report on 2012 salary payments released last Monday detected four public welfare enterprises to have paid extraordinarily high salaries to leaders, which are many times higher than normal workers’ salaries.

Specifically, the salary of the director of Urban Drainage Company is up to 41 times higher than that paid to seasonal staff members, at a staggering VND2.6 billion annually or more than VND200 million per month, while the chairman was paid VND1.6 billion. Similarly, the director and the chairman of the HCMC Public Lighting Company earned VND2.2 billion and VND2.4 billion annually respectively.

Saigon Traffic Works Company paid VND856 million to the director and VND853 million to the chairman annually while the director and the chairman of Green Tree Company got VND759 million and VND691 million annually.

According to the municipal Committee for State-owned Company Management Renovation, there are a total of 22 public welfare enterprises active in districts and 16 others under the city’s departments.

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