Central Military Commission hailed for Party building efforts

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Nguyen Phu Trong has praised efforts and outcomes that the Central Military Commission (CMC) has made in realising the resolution on Party building and the campaign to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

Working with the CMC Standing Board on September 4, the Party leader said the results will make it possible for the CPV Central Committee and Politburo to enrich their practical experience and make better directions in the work in the future.


He stressed that his inspection aims to point out both achievements and shortcomings in Party building as foundations for the commission to outline prompt and suitable solutions.

Regarding its upcoming tasks, the Party chief emphasised the urgent need to focus on intensifying the work, especially in the current domestic and international situations which bring both advantages and challenges to the national construction and protection in Vietnam.

“The implementation of the resolution and the campaign must be a regular, continuous and long-term task that requires the commission to take the lead with a determination to make itself really pure and strong, staying loyal to the nation, the Party and the people,” he stressed.

Party leader Trong asked the CMC to continue applying comprehensive measures to raise awareness of every Party official and member of the purposes and requirements of the work, creating positive changes in their political thoughts, morality and lifestyle.

The commission’s branches at all levels should well implement programmes, plans and measures to repair shortcomings, strictly follow working regulations and principles, prevent corruption, increase self-criticism and criticism, as well as stepping up the fight against the so-called “peaceful evolution” of hostile forces, he noted.

According to the report of the commission, during the past years, the Central Military Commission has drastically conducted criticism and self-criticism at all levels, while focusing on overcoming weaknesses and limitations through specific methods and close supervision.

Therefore, the Party building work has seen visible progress, with positive changes in working manner of officials and internal solidarity.

Meanwhile, the campaign to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example has also grasped achievements in all fields thanks to active and creative measures that suit specific situation in each military unit and organisation.

The resolution on current urgent issues on Party building was adopted during the fourth plenum of the CPV Central Committee (11th tenure) in January 2012, while the campaign was launched by the Politburo in May 2011.

Source: VNA