Capt. shoots superior dead after conflict at karaoke bar

Police in southern Dong Nai Province are handling a serious case in which a captain shot dead his superior after the latter beat the former at their office over an earlier conflict while drinking at a karaoke bar.

The deceased is Major Tran Ngoc Son, deputy head of the Suoi Tre Traffic Control Station, and the shooter is Captain Ngo Van Vinh, who also shot Senior Lieutenant Doan Thanh Phu, who tried to stop Vinh.

Vinh was injured after he was beaten by Son and was seized by other officers at the station.

All three were taken to Long Khanh General Hospital, and Son died later due to fatal wounds to his head and chest.

Meanwhile, Phu suffered heavy blood loss from wounds in his abdomen, and Vinh will undergo brain surgery due to fractures in his skull, doctors said.


Phu was later transferred to Dong Nai General Hospital due to his critical condition.

According to the case file, the deadly incident occurred at the HL karaoke bar in Dong Nai’s Long Khanh town on Sunday, September 22.

Vinh and one of his colleagues were in a karaoke room when they learned that Son and a friend was in another room at the bar.

Vinh entered Son’s room and fought with his friend Truc, a worker at a garage in Dong Nai’s Bien Hoa City.

During their fight, Truc struck Vinh in the head with a glass of beer. The altercation was broken up and Vinh left the bar and returned to the station.

Son later returned and scolded Vinh for his fight with Truc. Son grabbed Vinh’s head and banged it against the edge of the bed where he was lying.

Furious, Vinh rushed to get a gun and shot Son and then Phu before being seized by other officers.