Businesses advised to attend more to mobile technology

Ha Van

Thieu Phuong Nam, country manager at Qualcomm Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, said that mobile technology was developing rapidly worldwide and booming in Vietnam, exposing good opportunities for enterprises to grab.

According to Nam, it took personal computer (PC) 20 years to reach 40% of the world population while it was five years for the Internet penetration to reach such a figure. However, the mobile technology goes faster than that and has coverage of 40% of the world population after only two years and a half.

“Right here in Vietnam, mobile technology is developing rapidly when smart phones are growing more popular and Internet and 3G infrastructure have widespread coverage,” Nam said.

The mobile technology is impacting all sectors from health, education, public management to the environment. Therefore, enterprises should make use of such chances to introduce their business activities such as distribution, sales, human resources management and marketing via mobile devices.

Sharing the same opinion with Nam, Edith Yeung, founding partner at Right Ventures, said that the mobile technology was a good environment for Vietnamese business startups.

The technology has brought down traditional barriers like human resources and scales, enabling super-micro startups to join the global supply chain of mobile applications, she added.

According to initial statistics of Ericsson ConsumerLab, over 20% of Vietnam’s population used smart phones and 5% used tablets last year. This has helped create a push for the mobile application market and offered more opportunities for businesses in this sector.

Vietnam has many young businesses in the technology sector, some of which have kept pace with mobile trends like GreenGar Studios, and Ubox. GreenGar is a young business in Vietnam with only seven people but has sold some applications on the Itunes application store and gained initial success.

According to experts, although this sector has attracted many startups, the number of businesses operating efficiently is still small. The reason for this is that many startups do not have latest updates on the global mobile application development trend, do not have suitable business models, and lack excellent ideas.

Therefore, startups needs consultations from technology experts, and especially financial assistance from venture capital funds.

DEMO ASEAN 2013 held by International Data Group IDG attracted the participation of businesses, programmers and over 40 international investment funds which are seeking investment opportunities in the local technology market like IDG Ventures, DFJ VinaCapital, Right Ventures, Sequoia Ventures and Unitus Impact.

Together with DEMO ASEAN 2013, IDG also organized Vietnam Consumer Digital World Expo 2013 (VCW 2013) which ended on Sunday at Riverside Palace Convention in District 4.

After 18 years, VCW is considered a bridge between technology producers, IT services suppliers and consumers.

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