Beautiful robot teaches Japanese in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Robot Geminoid F, which has the movements and expressions like real people, began teaching Japanese in Hanoi last week.

The beautiful robot Geminoid F can teach Japanese. Photo: Tokyo Times

The beautiful robot Geminoid F can teach Japanese. Photo: Tokyo Times

This beautiful robot was developed by the research team of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of the Osaka University. The 12 points on the robot’s face, including the mouth, eyes and cheeks are controlled by air pressure to create expressions similar to humans.

“When making communications with the robot, people will be less anxious than having contact with strangers. They feel the robot more friendly and easy to talk to so the robot is appropriate for language learning,” the Tokyo Times quoted Mr. Ishiguro as saying.

The operator can control robot Geminoid F over the Internet, so the class can be controlled from Japan or anywhere.

In a class in Hanoi, the robot was operated by a Japanese teacher from another room. The expressions and movements of the real teacher’s lips was analyzed and transmitted to the robot by a computer and the robot imitated them.

About 40 students learned many conversations from this robot. Communication in the class made students feel like they were talking directly to the robot.

Vietnam is the first country using this beautiful robot in teaching Japanese. The program is held by the Center for Japanese Cultural Exchange in Vietnam to promote the Japanese language in Vietnam.

S. Tung