A joyful Mid-Autumn Festival for disabled children

(VOV) – A special Mid-Autumn Festival was held at Hanoi’s Unification Park on September 15 for children with disabilities.

Present at the event were Danish Vice Consult General to Vietnam, Rosenholm, and children with disabilities from Hanoi, Hung Yen and surrounding areas.

The charitable event aimed to create a playground for children to stimulate their creativity and encourage them to integrate well into society. It also promotes unity and empathy amongst parents of disabled children.

Children had the chance to join art performances and play games while their parents toured a photograph exhibition and took part in a competition to arrange a Mid-Autumn Festival.

Nguyen Minh Phuong, a disabled child from the Sao Mai Centre, said she is very happy to join the festival as she can play many games.


Nguyen Thi Hanh from the Van Lam Centre for Children with Disabilities in Hung Yen said disabled children are often put at a disadvantage in society, explaining they do not have the chance to grow, study, and play in the same way that able-bodied children do. She expressed her hope that such children will receive more love, care and help from the local community and society as a whole.


A representative from the organising board Nguyen Thi Kim Loan said this is the third year such a festival has taken place in the hope of providing a useful playground for disadvantaged children and a forum for their parents to share their experiences in nurturing, caring and educating their children.

She called on individuals, organisations and pupils to donate toys, dolls, and books to those unfortunate children in society.

Some images of the event: