50-tons of rocks crush three houses in Nghe An

VietNamNet Bridge – Four blocks of rock weighing nearly 50 tons suddenly rolled down from the mountain, crushing three houses. Fortunately, people could timely run out of the houses so there were no casualties.

Two rocks hit the bed of Mr. Thanh.

Two rocks hit the bed of Mr. Thanh.

According to the authorities of Nghi Thiet commune, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province, a rock slide occurred at dawn on September 11 in Rong village.

The four blocks of stone crushed the houses of Mr. Ho Van Thanh, Mr. Nguyen Van Nong and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Pho. At that time, the family of Mrs. Pho was not at home while people of the two other families lucky escaped so no one was killed or wounded. However, their property was damaged completely.

Mr. Thanh, who was still stunned, said: “At that time our family heard something rushing out so we ran out of the house. Two rocks hit my bed and caused serious damage to our property.”

The weight of each falling rock is approximately 10 tons.

After the incident, the authorities were present at the scene to encourage and assist these families to overcome the consequences.

The cause of the landslide was initially identified as heavy rain in recent days.

Currently, the government is working with residents to clean up the scene and remove over 10 households who live at the foot of Rong Moutain to safe places.












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