Royal Australian navy warship to visit Vietnam

(CPV) – The Royal Australian Navy warship, HMAS Ballarat will pay a good visit to Vietnam from August 22-26, hoping to strengthen the relationship between the two navies and nation to nation ties.

The guided missile frigate Ballarat will arrive in Ho Chi Minh city on August 22 with a crew of 28 officers and 156 sailors. The Commanding Officer and crew will meet with senior officers and sailors from the Vietnamese People’s Navy to engage in a range of goodwill activities and to conduct a professional exchange on ship operations.

The Royal Australian Navy warship, HMAS Ballarat.

The Royal Australian Navy warship, HMAS Ballarat.

Besides, they will also participate in a friendly sporting activity with officers from the Naval Technical College as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to explore Vietnam’s rich culture and to meet Vietnamese people.
“This visit is an excellent opportunity to build upon the Australian Vietnam Defence cooperation relationship that commenced in 1999 and has recently been reaffirmed at the meeting between our two Defence Ministers in Canberra in February this year. Since 1999, the Australian Defence Force has trained over 1,300 Vietnam People’s Army officers in Vietnam and Australia and is now assisting the Vietnam People’s Army to prepare for a future role in peacekeeping operations”, said Group Captain Matthew Dudley, Australian Defence Attaché in Vietnam.

Ballarat is an ANZAC Class guided missile frigate with roles including air defence, anti-submarine and surface warfare, surveillance, interdiction and reconnaissance. Weighing 3,600 tons and 118 metres in length, it is armed with Evolved Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles, Harpoon Block 2 Anti-ship missiles, a Mk 45 127 millimeter gun and six Mk 32 torpedo tubes.

Moreover, Ballarat is also fitted with a flight deck and a hangar for a multi-role S-70B-2 Sea Hawk helicopter and has a top speed of 27 knots./.