Hue hosts international cancer conference

(VOV) – More than 400 leading Vietnamese and international experts have gathered at a cancer conference in Hue on August 30.

Hue Hospital Vice Director Nguyen Duy Thang stressed cancer is a burden afflicting every place on earth, noting annual estimates of more than 12 million sufferers and seven million fatalities. It is the second leading cause of death after heart disease.

Thang said around 150,000 Vietnamese people are affected by cancer every year and 70,000 succumb to the disease.

Although the national cancer prevention target program has been running for a number of years, it remains perhaps the medical sector’s greatest challenge.

Overload stress at hospitals and cancer centres across the country is a serious issue that needs solutions as quickly as possible.
The conference listened to presentations of 100 scientific reports. Standford Medical University’s George Fisher detailed the latest inspiring achievements in treating stomach cancer.
Participants updated their knowledge of developments in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
They observed live footage of radiation treatment for early-stage breast cancer and endoscopic thyroid surgery conducted by Hue Hospital doctors.