Hai Phong Water Supply Co., Ltd: Promoting Cooperation with Japanese Partners

hai-phong-water-supply-co-ltd-promoting-cooperation-with-japanese-partners-1173612-201382818241-anh-hop-tac-voi-nhat-733Hai Phong Water Supply Co., Ltd is one of the best-performing water suppliers in Vietnam. Currently, the company supplies sufficient water for over 249,000 residents in Hai Phong City. Last year, the company attained revenue of VND391.1 billion and paid VND12.9 billion to the State Budget, 6 percent higher than the target provided by the city’s government. The firm ensures stable, well-paid employment for more than 1,100 employees, with an average monthly wage of VND5.5 million.

These prideful results are accrued from the company’s well-directed leadership, well-defined planning, and right investment in the past years. Currently, the company is gradually shifting its focus from extensive network development to product and service quality improvement and applying scientific and technical progresses to most production and management stages.

In addition, based on friendship cooperation between Hai Phong City and Kiatakyshu City of Japan, Hai Phong Water Supply Company and Kiatakyshu Water Authority have had many effective, practical cooperation programmes since 2009 with the financial support of Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Through this project, Hai Phong Water Supply Company performed researches on organic matter treatment with biological technologies and enhanced the reputation in water quality management. The firm also installed two biological filtration columns in An Duong and Vinh Bao water plants to treat ammonium and nitrite which are impossible for conventional treatment methods. Along with this, the company’s 14 staffs have been sent to Japan for further studying and six Japanese experts were employed to work and exchange experience with the company. Thereby, technical staffs learned appropriate skills for management and operation of distribution systems, including measures to reduce water loss and establish regionalised distribution systems.

To upgrade An Duong water plant – building biological filters from 2013 to 2015, the company is urgently asking the financial support from JICA. This upgrading aims to deal with climate change and environmental pollution, improve water supply services to customers, especially water quality, and apply new technologies to water treatment to reduce chemicals used and increase operating efficiency.

Over the past four years, the two-side very specific and effective cooperation meets real requirements of both sides. The two sides have also cultivated friendly relations and cultural exchanges to formulate a long-term sustainable relationship. As Japan has advanced water technologies, Hai Phong Water Supply Company wants to cooperate with Japanese partners to acquire technologies. Apart from the sister cooperation with Kiatakyshu Water Agency, Hai Phong Water Supply Company has also collaborated with other Japanese companies such as Kobelco Eco-Solutions, Hitachi and Kubota.

In the next stage, Hai Phong Water Supply Company will embark on its second-phase upgrading worth US$74 million from 2013 to 2018. The company expects to borrow from the Asian Development (ADB). This is a good opportunity for Japanese contractors and consultants with market development plans in Hai Phong in particular and in Vietnam in general.

Huong Thu

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