Da Nang’s ICT Infrastructure System in operation

(VOV) – The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Infrastructure System has been put into operation.

At the launch ceremony on August 21, a representative from the World Bank said that Da Nang is in the vanguard of implementing a synchronized long-term strategy for IT and human resources development.

The operation of the ICT infrastructure system is of great significance as it is meeting the urgent need to help deploy e-government in the city.

The new system consists of a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), a wifi system, a data centre, and an ICT Applications Training and Research Centre.

When completed, the MAN will create a 10Gbps bandwidth network that is connected to all local agencies and departments, applying ICT in administrative management.

The data centre will provide local residents with electronic public services in a fast and effective manner.

The ICT Applications Training and Research Centre will meet the demand for on-the-job and online training in order to improve local employees’ skills and knowledge.

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