“Compassion rice jar” model as aid for poor women

BTO- In the recent years, the movement of women help each other overcome difficulties by meaningful and practical actions has promoted its effectiveness. Indeed, a large number of families of poor and solitary women have received support. The models of “compassion rice jars” and “raising piggy bank” launched by women’s union of Hong Liem commune (Ham Thuan Bac district) are among effective movements to help needy households.

Visiting Hong Liem commune on these days, we heard much about “compassion rice jar” and “raising piggy bank” movements, which are strongly developed among members of the commune women’s union. When we followed them to bring “compassion rice jars” to poor families in Liem Hoa hamlet, we were sympathetic to miserable circumstances and lives of poor women. Specifically, Mrs Nguyen Thi Nga, a 84 year-old woman in Liem Hoa hamlet, is living alone in a dilapidated house made from various materials. Another misery is 71-year-old women Nguyen Thi Bay, who is suffering illness and loneliness by herself in a compassion house built in 2008. Thanks to women’s union members’ donation and compassion, their distressful conjunctures have been improved. Mrs Nguyen Thi Bay shared that “Every few months, some women’s union members have visited me, given me tens of kilos of rice and an amount of money. I am very happy and thankful for their help. Relying on it, I can cover my medicine cost and other needs within one month. I cannot work to support myself, plus old age and loneliness. Therefore, practical help of women’s union is a great encouragement that boosts me to live meaningly in the remainder of my life. The aforesaid charitable deed of Hong Liem commune women’s union has brought a significant meaning to needy families, helped them escape from poverty and misfortunes.


“The spirit of sharing and surmounting difficulties together has been carried out widely in every specific thought and act of women’s union members. Consequently, charitable movements have spread out and gained great response of many women. We feel very content to give compassion rice to support the elderly and solitary poor women”, said Mrs Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lien (a member of Women’s Union branch of Liem Hoa hamlet).

The model of “compassion rice jar” has launched by Hong Liem commune Women’s Union since 2009 and developed up to now. Tens of poor women have received assistance (including rice and cash) thanks to magnanimous acts of women in the commune.

Beside “compassion rice jar”, the model of “raising piggy bank” in each family has been encouraged. Everyday, each housewife puts a handful of rice in a jar and a few thousands of dong, then brings all savings to the common fund in monthly meeting. Such contribution has helped many poor families to get better in living.

The poor and solitary old women who we met and offered gifts are dependent on support of the neighborhood and local authorities. Hong Liem commune Women’s Union, which consists of 11 groups/branches in 5 hamlets with total 1,836 members, has brought into play its role and voice in local activities. More significantly, carrying out practical movements has orientated Women’s Union members to implement learning and following Ho Chi Minh moral example

Mrs. Pham Thi Tuyet Linh-Chair-person of Hong Liem commune Women’s Union emphasized that “In upcoming time, the organization will pay more attention to boosting humane donation to help more and more miserable women”.

Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan newspaper)