Binh Thuan colleges and university under admission procedure for the academic year 2013-2014

BTO – These days, colleges and university in Binh Thuan province have been scheduled for the ongoing admission procedure which has some innovation in form under the guidelines of Ministry of Education and Training.

This year, Binh Thuan Community College has 1,150 recruits for associate degree program (a three-year course) including 190 ones for pedagogy and 1,200 recruits for professional secondary program (a two-year course). The admission to associate degree program will be based on the applicants’ university entrance examination results. The college will receive application, starting from August 10th and closing on October 30th 2013 (If the number of recruits is redundant). Concerning professional secondary program, Binh Thuan Community College will hold an admission process or an entrance examination for consideration. All applicants, who submitted application from March 26, will receive equal consideration for admission in either first nor second phase on September 18th and November 30th, respectively.

Candidates apply admission application at Binh Thuan Medical College

Candidates apply admission application at Binh Thuan Medical College

Likewise, Phan Thiet University has 1,450 recruits for both university and associate degree programs, a 250 higher than a year ago. Particularly, for bachelor program (a four-year course), the benchmark for freshmen admission is specified as follows: 13 marks for Group (A,A1), 13.5 marks for Group (D1) including the following faculties: Information Techonology, Business administration, Accounting, Finance – Banking, English, Hotel Management, Tourism and Travel Service administration. On the other hand, the university has set up 10 marks as admission-based for applicants of groups (A, A1, D1) into the associate degree program. Currently, the university is in the process of considerating admission for applicants who registered their first aspiration in Phan Thiet university.With respect to Binh Thuan Medical College, it has 800 admission recruits including 200 ones for three-year course of Nursing study, 500 for two-year course of physicians and 100 for in-service professional secondary program. The associate degree program is recruiting under the guideline of the ministry of Education and Training.

As stated above, the admission deadline starts on August 20th and finishes on October 30th, 2013. Each college and university can divide into several admission phases. Each phase lasts within 20 days since the admission notification date. This year, the applicants have to submit the original university examination results when applying for university or associate degree program, but a valid photocopy of university examination results is acceptable to professional secondary program.

My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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