Australia’s cattle exports to Vietnam hit record high

One of Australia’s largest exporters says Australia is now exporting more cattle than ever to Vietnam.


The Australian Live Export Council estimates 20,000 head of cattle have been exported to the country so far this year.

Darwin Port Manager for South East Asia Livestock Services, Sid Parker, says Vietnam is a crucial market because it takes heavier cattle, up to 400 to 500 kilo.

“Vietnam takes quite a number of bulls, they are taking cows, bulls and heavy steers. There will be a lot of heavy cattle left here if Vietnam had not opened up a bit”, said Darwin.

The Australian Livestock Exporters Council says Queensland cattle producers have been on the front foot with the trade.

CEO Alison Penfold says Queensland’s contribution to Australia’s overall exports has increased over the past year.

Last year, 2.8 percent of all cattle exported out of Australia came from Queensland. This March, 9.4 per cent of all cattle exported also came from Queensland.”./.

Source VOV