3rd voluntary blood donation club in Ha Long city established

The club (Source: halongcity.gov.vn)

The club (Source: halongcity.gov.vn)

(CPV) - The Ha Long Red Cross has recently debuted the third voluntary blood donation club of the city.

With an initial membership of 60 people, the voluntary blood donation club includes staff members and volunteers of the city’s Red Cross. They are prestigious, enthusiastic, responsible, and dedicated to the care, protection and promotion of community health and voluntary blood donation.

Shortly after its launch, club members and Red Cross volunteers from wards and businesses were trained on voluntary blood donation and first aid work. The trainees have been provided knowledge about blood physiology, blood transfusion safety and rights of blood donors; sharing, learning about communication skills, voluntary blood donation campaign in the community, as well as the latest information on voluntary blood donation, typical voluntary blood donation models and how to build good blood donation movements of some units.

Such training courses are expected to be continued in the city.

The staff, club members and people have also communicated to prevent the donation of blood with infectious diseases, positively contributing on HIV/AIDS prevention and blood transfusion safety, and ensuring a qualified blood source to save patients in order to gradually meet the requirements of hospitals and health care facilities of blood supply to treat for patients with dangerous diseases./.