VOV to host RadioAsia 2013 in Hanoi

(VOVworld) – The RadioAsia2013 Conference will be held in Hanoi from July 29th to 31st. Hosted by the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and on the theme of “Radio and Social Media: Where to Next”, RadioAsia 2013 Conference will address current pressing issues facing the radio broadcasting industry in Vietnam and the rest of the region.


The RadioAsia2013 Conference will bring together leading radio media practitioners, communication specialists, policy makers, and academics from across the Asia -Pacific and neighboring regions. Topics for discussion will include: Radio on the Move: A New Era Dawns; A New Dimension of Radio; Killer Applications for Radio; Interacting with the ‘Connected’ Audience; Storytelling and the “On-air” Imagination; Folklore in Vietnamese Radio; Radio: The Private Realm” Cute Producer – Creative Listener”. There will also be 2 radio workshops on “Social media, mobile reporting and radio programming: New techniques for ‘heritage’ media; and “Radio and emergency situations: Broadcaster’s vital role”, which will be held on the sidelines of the Conference.

The annual RadioAsia Conference was initiated by the Asia – Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in 2006. RadioAsia Conferences have since been continually organized in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. RadioAsia is the only international radio broadcasting event of its kind in the region. Over the years, this annual gathering of industry players has attracted a great deal of attention from broadcasters, manufacturers and media organizations.

The Voice of Vietnam joined ABU as a full member from the very first year of its establishment in 1964. Over the years, VOV has proved the importance of its role with active involvement in all of ABU’s activities. By hosting RadioAsia 2013 Conference, VOV once again confirms its important role in ABU and across the world.