Various activities to mark Day for Agent Orange/ dioxin Victims

(VOVworld) – Vietnam will hold an array of activities to mark the Day for Agent Orange/dioxin Victims on August 10 and the traditional day of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, VAVA.

Taking care of an AO child (photo: VNA)

Taking care of an AO child (photo: VNA)

General Nguyen Van Rinh, VAVA President, said the activities would improve the community’s understanding of the consequences of the defoliant, encourage individuals and organizations inside and outside the country to get involved in resolving the aftermath of the war’s chemical effects, assist the victims, and support Vietnamese Agent Orange victims in their struggle for justice. The activities will raise the sense of national pride and responsibility of the Association’s staff as well as back AO victims and their relatives to overcome hardship and integrate back into society.

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