Thai Hoa Agricultural Cooperative, typical beneficiary of ACP

BTO- In early 2012, Agriculture Competitiveness Project (ACP for short) established the Rice Varieties Production Union of Nha Ho-Hai Thuy-Thai Hoa. Since then, one of these participants, Thai Hoa Trade and Agricultural Service Cooperative (Bac Binh district-Binh Thuan province) has much benefited from the project. Benefit by involving rice varieties production union

Thai Hoa Cooperative, which was founded in 1979 and changed its mechanism in 1998, specializes in rice varieties production, fertilizers and irrigation service trading. The cooperative has 94 farmer households, including 71 households participating in rice varieties production union with an area of 60 hectares. Thanks to fertile soil and good irrigation system, rice varieties production of the cooperative has strongly developed. Moreover, the union of Nha Ho-Hai Thuy-Thai Hoa has helped local farmers, agricultural cooperatives and businesses surmount their disadvantages in agricultural products purchase, especially rice varieties purchase. So Thai Hoa Cooperative is considered as the first beneficiary of ACP.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, a member of Thai Hoa Cooperative shared that “my family has nearly 6 perches of rice. Since I and other households joined in the union, we have been assisted with 40 percent the costs of fertilizers and plant protection chemicals by the ACP. Additionally, the project has also supported in agricultural machinery procurement. Particularly, Nha Ho crop varieties development center-Ninh Thuan province has become a contractor to consume rice varieties of Thai Hoa Cooperative’s members with the price of VND 400 per kg more than the market price. According to Chairman of Thai Hoa Cooperative, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh, becoming a member of this union, Thai Hoa Cooperative has more favourable conditions for its production development thanks to practical supports of the ACP such as: radio broadcasting network, computers, ploughing machines and essential equipment for mechanized agriculture. These supports will help the cooperative enhance its production efficiency and reduce manual labor.

ACP supports Thai Hoa Cooperative in building warehouse and workshop

Lately, Binh Thuan provincial Department of Planning and Investment issued a Decision on approving economic-technological report on the construction of agricultural products drying ground for Thai Hoa Cooperative. According to ACP’s Management Board, this work belongs to the part C2 of ACP, invested by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development with the total cost of VND 1.374 billion. The construction of this work is expected to deploy in 2013-2014, including a warehouse, a drying ground (with a total area of 1,291.92 square meters), and a 68.95 meter road leading to the warehouse. Mr. Thanh joyfully added that, with such advantages brought by the membership of Nha Ho-Hai Thuy-Thai Hoa Union, Thai Hoa Cooperative strives for an increase of 8.83 percent for rice varieties productivity (from 60 quintals/hectare to 65 quintals/hectare) compared to its productivity before joining the union.

Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan newspaper)

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