Soc Trang Highlights Aquatic Breeding

By Tieu Nha

The Soc Trang People’s Committee has issued Decision 119/QDHC-CTUBND approving a project to revise and supplement the province’s aquatic breeder production by 2020. Of the estimated capital of VND592 billion (US$28.2 million), VND188 billion will be from the State budget and the rest from other sources.

More than 10.5 billion offspring targeted

The province has a driving ambition to have 200 units producing, farming and trading aquatic products by 2015 and 310 units by 2020. These will produce and cultivate some 5.8 billion offspring by 2015 and 10.58 billion by 2020, meeting 43.1% and 63.8% of the demand respectively. The project can create 1,000 jobs by 2015 and another 1,630 five years later.

An area of 154 hectares will be set aside for producing fingerling until 2020, with a majority of it for aquatic cultivation in the province (tra fries, freshwater and brackish water fingerling, and brackish water and saltwater young shrimp).

By 2015, 113 farms will produce 2.253 billion brackish juvenile shrimp, meeting 20% of the demand; six farms will turn out 33 million tra fingerling, 22% of the demand; and 21 farms will have output of 225 million other freshwater fries, 25% of the demand. By 2020, 140 farms will be able to produce 3.489 billion brackish water juvenile shrimp, representing 25% of the demand; 15 farms with 90 million tra fries, 30% of the demand; and 33 farms with 397 million other freshwater fingerling, 35% of the demand.

If the project is on schedule, it can help set up a chain of big-scale, modern and centralized brackish water shrimp farms, attracting investment in new production plants and improve management and quarantine to produce quality offspring, contributing to the quality of raising brackish water fingerling. The project also helps improve farms and attract the participation of other sectors.

Developing traditional freshwater fish farms and improving productivity and technology to meet various demands are an integral part of the project. Moreover, it also helps better the management system, breeding quality control and quarantine at all stages, from production to distribution.

Problems to be solved

To ensure success, several issues must be tackled effectively. The Soc Trang Province People’s Committee has plans to protect farming areas in Cu Lao Dung and Tran De districts and Vinh Chau Township which are rich in breeder sources and home to a wide range of aqua products. The province also places emphasis on the protection of clam farming areas which will be exploited reasonably.

The province aims to create 1,000 direct jobs at breeder farms by 2015, and 1,630 more by 2020. By 2020, 1,120 people will work at brackish water shrimp farms; 110 at tra fish farms; 220 at other freshwater fish and specialized fish farms; and 180 at other aquatic product farms. The project is expected to attract 130 and 215 well-trained employees by 2015 and 2020, respectively, besides 5-10 postgraduates specializing in aquatic breeding.

The province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently announced the project in detail and informed local authorities of it. Supporting programs have been devised to create a sustainable aquaculture in Soc Trang when the project is finished.

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