People in island district donate land to make coastal road

The coastal road in Co To town in Co To island district, which connects Co To port to the Uncle Ho statue area, is expected to be completed and put into operation in August this year as a result of local people’s land donation.

According to estimation of functional agencies in Co To island district, if having to compensate for ground donation for coastal road in the quarter III, Co To town, the compensation would be VND11 billion in the VND21 billion project. Due to difficulties in capital, Co To district People’s Committee postponed the implementation of the project for three years.

The road is 362 meters long and 13.7 meters wide. The project includes improving the sewage system, surface of the road and pavement. Once completed, the project will open a dreamlike coastal road with cool air, suitable with the district’s strategy for tourism development.

The family of Ms. Ha Thi Nhan devoted their 40 square meters old house for the work.

Thanks to the construction of new rural areas, many roads have been improved with the motto “state and people working together”. This is the result of solidarity, unification and contribution of local people and socialization source. This is also an active and positive solution in Co To island district over the past year, creating important potential in local socio-economic development./.

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