Palestinians and Israel peace talks to resume

(VOVworld)- US Secretary of State John Kerry has made significant progress in his efforts to revive peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel. The peace talks is expected to resume after the fasting month of Ramadan, which ends in early August.

US Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo:Reuters)

US Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo:Reuters)

After meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab League Committee in the capital city of Amman, Kerry expressed his belief in the prospect of peace talks resuming between Palestine and Israel soon, stressing that the gap between the two countries had narrowed. One of the Palestinian officials said that it was the first time President Abbas had heard positive and courageous signs coming from Kerry.

Meanwhile, other officials in Ramallah confirmed that Israel had agreed to free a large number of Palestinian prisoners in response to the demands of Palestinian leader, as well as to stop building further resettlement on the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Wasel Abu Youssef said that president Abbas will submit John Kerry’s proposal to other leaders of PLO on Thursday before coming to a decision on whether to resume talks with Israel.