Hazardous waste was to be sold in Hung Yen

HUNG YEN (VNS)- Police in nothern Hung Yen Province’s environmental crimes unit have impounded a car carrying two tonnes of untreated hazardous waste on its way to be sold as scrap iron.

The car’s 29-year-old driver who was caught red-handed, was later found to work for the Green Environment Company, based in Nam Sach District in neighbouring Hai Duong Province.

The hazardous waste, most of which was iron filings covered in lubricant, belonged to the Musashi Auto Parts Company in Thang Long 2 Industrial Park in the Yen My District of Hung Yen.

The company had signed a contract with Green Environment to transport waste to its factory in Hai Duong Province for classification and treatment, however it was taken to the scrap iron dealer in Van Lam District of Hung Yen without being treated.

Police have confiscated evidence from the crime scene for further examination.—VNS

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