German journalist rides 15,000kms for charity in Vietnam

Lothar A. Baltrusch, a German journalist, has travelled 15,000kms by motorbike from Schwerte, Germany to Vietnam to draw public attention to the plight of poor children in Trieu Phong District, Quang Tri Province, who are benefiting from World Vision’s projects there.


Starting on May 17th, he rode through Poland, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, China and Laos to the final destination of Vietnam to carry out his project “Way to Huyen”, the name of a girl whose family has been involved in the project.

As envisaged, during his stay in Vietnam on July 9th-11th, Lothar A. Baltrusch would visit Huyen and her family, who have received his monthly financial assistance since September 2009 through World Vision and taken part in economic development activities launched by the organization in the locality.

The German Journalist would visit some kindergarteners, secondary school students, children with disabilities, and some other families involved in World Vision’s activities.

The journalist of the Antenne Unna Radio Station said that more than €16,000 collected in Germany will be transferred to World Vision to help build a school in Huyen’s home town.

All the travel expenses are covered by Lothar A. Baltrusch himself.

Source: Tuoitre

Translated by Tuan Anh