French wine to be produced in Vietnam

(VEN) – In a talk with the media in the framework of the fourth Traditional Quality Wine Tasting program recently held in Hanoi, Marc Cagnard, Director of France’s trade promotion agency in Vietnam (UBIFRANCE), said he expected there would be a French-standard wine production plant in Vietnam.


What are French businesses’ views on trade promotion programs like Traditional Quality Wine Tasting?

Most of them feel satisfied with the results of such programs. French businesses have sympathy for Vietnam as well as customers and partners they met in the country. They all want to seek opportunities to be operational in the Vietnamese market. In fact, many French businesses have signed contracts to do long-term business in Vietnam or found reliable importers through trade promotion programs like Traditional Quality Wine Tasting.

The Vietnamese market is undergoing changes in terms of scale and competitiveness. Do French businesses have any strategies to maintain their competitive advantages in the market?

French businesses have competitive advantages in producing special wine products according to their own processes. In recent years, in coordination with trade promotion agencies of other countries, UBIFRANCE organized many cocktail parties to introduce French wine to Vietnamese consumers.

Through the fourth Traditional Quality Wine Tasting program, Vietnamese wine specialists had a chance to taste famous high-grade European wine products. Importers and distributors also found many opportunities to promote business cooperation with wine producers from Italy and France.

What makes up the difference between French wine and similar products in the market?

France is one of the world leading countries in terms of the history of producing wine from grapes. French wine has become famous all over the world with brands such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Provence and Rhone. Each kind of French wine is produced depending on the climatic condition of each region and the quality of each grape variety, according to specific formulas for processing and storage. The production and distillation process consists of different stages, all of which are carried out very carefully. These factors have made up the difference between French wine and similar products.

Do French wine producers have the intention to seek partners to build production facilities in Vietnam?

Vietnam is becoming one of the most dynamic wine markets in Asia. In 2012, Vietnam spent 63 million euros on wine imports, up 10 percent compared with 2011, with French wine accounting for 14.3 percent of the total import volume. Economic growth prospects, consumer income increases and rapid development of the tourism sector are factors making Vietnam an attractive market to wine producers all over the world.

Currently, France has no wine production facility in Vietnam. But as I know, a Vietnamese person of French origin in Da Lat has experimented on planting grapes to supply materials for wine production. I hope if the grape variety grown in Da Lat meets French standards, there will be possibilities for building a French-standard wine production plant in Vietnam./.

“The Traditional Quality Wine Tasting program takes place annually in Vietnam, jointly held by trade promotion agencies of countries with long-lasting wine production traditions such as France, Italy and Spain. This year, the program was the fourth event of its kind to take place in Vietnam, jointly held by UBIFRANCE and the Italian Trade Office in Vietnam. More than 200 wine specialists attended the program./.

Recorded by Hoa Le & Nguyen Huong

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