Vietnam attends 5th International Documentary Film Festival

(VOVworld)- Vietnam has participated in the 5th International Documentary Film Festival with 9 films shown in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This occasion is created an opportunity for Vietnam to introduce its documentaries to world audiences.

Launched in 2009, the International Documentary Film Festival has become an annual event for Vietnamese and international audiences. This year, the Vietnam Central Scientific and Documentary Film Studio participated in the festival with 9 award winning films featuring culture, society, war memories and education subject. The audiences are treated to one European and one Vietnamese documentary film each night. Pham Thi Tuyet, Director of the Vietnam Central Scientific and Documentary Film Studio, says: “Vietnamese films that are screened in this event are directed by both established and young directors, some who are just over 30 years old. We are very happy that Vietnam now has a new generation of directors of documentary films. Their films have been highly praised at the festival”.

Vietnamese documentaries screened at the festival touch upon burning social issues such as community healthcare in the film “Long story in hospital”, different educational aspects reflected in the film “Scripts on wave” and “Mind map- a journey of connectivity” and many other films such as “Flying kites in painting”, “Memory”, “Fire setter” and “Story of a highland area”. Almuth Meyer Zollitsch, Director of the Goethe Institute in Vietnam, says: “I see that Vietnam has a generation of young and talented directors, who are eager to exchange with foreign directors such as those from Southeast Asia. Last night, I watched the film “Long story in hospital”. I really like it because the film features ordinary people and their ordinary life but the film gave them a chance to talk about their lives. I find the film very practical and interesting because the most interesting thing in documentary film is to talk about the truth of life”.

This year’s documentary film festival is a good opportunity for Vietnamese filmmakers to explore different approaches to make films as well as advanced trends in the world. This will help directors improve the quality of their films and at the same time give exposure of Vietnamese documentaries closer to the world. Nguyen Van Huong, Director of the film “Memory”, says: “I’m very honored to introduce my film at this festival. Vietnamese documentary films have good ideas as those from other countries but there is a certain gap in ways of expressing that idea. We should learn more about sound production. I found that foreign documentaries screened at this festival are well structured. The festival is very useful for us. It is an East-West cultural exchange and also a chance for film makers like us to learn more”.

Ta Thi Hue is an audience from Hanoi: “After participating five times in the festival, I think that it is clear that Vietnamese documentary films have come to be on par with those of other countries. The duration of Vietnamese films may be shorter than foreign ones, but the means of production and statement they express are similar to foreign ones”

The 5th International Documentary Film Festival is an opportunity for Vietnamese filmmakers gain more experience in making their films more inspiring to audiences of countries around the world. In addition, the festival brings them new impressions about changes in the cinematography world.

Bui Hang