“Upholding Calibre, Fostering Employee Confidence”


This is the statement made by Mr Nguyen Quoc Binh, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Hanel One-member Limited Company in a recent interview with the Vietnam Business Forum about businessman’s spirit and human resources amid challenges facing the economy. According to Mr Binh, a businessman and leader of a company must have strong faith in the future, especially in this difficult time. Only leaders who have faith and a strong will can raise confidence among the staff and help their companies overcome difficulties and challenges. Hoang Tham reports.

The economy is facing many challenges and faith is the only way to help the business and its staff get closer and survive. What do you think about the comment? To create a harmonised business environment, what measures should be taken?

In the context of global integration, the country is still facing many challenges together with its advantages. Global competitiveness in labour costs and technology as well as massive production of different kinds of commodities have put businesses into difficulties in boosting sales. In the difficult time, leaders of a company should reinforce their faith and have even stronger will to survive. In my opinion, belief is an important starting point and foundation for success of any business leaders.

Many businesses were dissolved or suspended operation due to the economic woes. Many others had to cut jobs, and salaries as well as scaled down production to survive amid high inventories and high lending interest rates. However I think that this a temporary period and businesses with proper development orientations and core values will recover soon. A strong-willed businessman must outline difficulties and challenges for each quarter, each year so that they can take initiatives in dealing with any possible risks or problems. Besides strong will, leaders of a business must know thoroughly about economic rules to facilitate the operation and to help the business stand firm in the difficult time.

Another important factor is that leaders should know how to foster confidence among employees. Leaders can hold regular exchanges with their employees on the advantages as well as difficulties and challenges facing the company. Through exchanges, labourers are aware of their capacities and contributions to the development of the business. Information transparency is an important foundation to foster labourers’ confidence in the future of the company. Only when having strong confidence in the company’s capacity and the future development, will labourers have a driving force to show their creativeness and contribute more to the development of the business. I always thinks that leaders of a company should always pay due attention to building and improving labour relationsduring their business operation to facilitate sustainable development.

What policies has Hanel One-member Limited Company taken to increase incomes and create job opportunities and promotions to retain and attract high-quality human resources?

To attract labourers and build good relations with them is not a easy job. This needs a strategy and attention from leaders of a company in all times. One decisive factor for success of a business is human resources, especially qualified and experienced staff who want to devote to the development of the company? For labourers, will they be respected and get worthy benefits for what they devote for the company? Leaders could show their high respect to labourers by signing labor contracts with them, helping them ease their difficulties and develop their qualifications, ensuring social welfare and create job opportunities for them.

Specialising in high-tech, electronics, information technology (IT), telecommunications, industrial park and software park infrastructure, Hanel One-member Limited Company has high labour demand, especially high-quality workforce. Therefore, Hanel always adopts policies to increase labourers’ income, to improve their professional qualifications, and to create opportunities for them to promote ability. Improving labourers’ skills and creating opportunities for them to promote ability is the best way to win their confidence, thus encouraging them to contribute more to the sustainable development of the company.

Many experts affirm that in the difficult time, if Vietnam has good human resources and powerful business community, the country would overcome the challenges and continue develop sustainably. Do you think about that?

Qualified human resources and powerful business community is the only one decisive factor. Human resource is the core of a country if a country attracts more high-quality human resources, it will strongly develop as all things in the planet are created by human beings. Similarly, a business has high-quality human resources and taps them effectively; it will gain a competitive edge in the global economic integration.

However, in Vietnam, qualified human resource is only a necessary condition, there are many other important factors, including good investment environment and effective use of manpower, to make success for businesses and contribute to national socioeconomic development. Without a good investment environment, businesses cannot make success in their business despite strong capacity. Therefore, the Party, the State and the Government should work out proper macroeconomic policies to support businesses as well as give more incentives to help them overcome difficulties.