To deploy the plan of CBDRM


​The plan of raising community awareness and community based disaster risk management (CBDRM) in the period of 2013 – 2020 has been approved by Chairman of the PPC to implement in the province with its total cost of VND 23 billion.

​The objective of the plan is to raise public awareness and effective management to the model of CBDRM for all levels and sectors, especially authorities and people at commune level to reduce to a minimum loss of life and property.

The plan is divided into two main components. The first part is to concentrate on improving management capacity on implementation of CBDRM for government officials at all levels, ensuring 100% staff to be trained on CBDRM capacity. The second part is to focus on enhancing communication and education to community for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, over 90% of population of the commune in disaster areas to be guided common knowledge of flood, storm and natural disaster mitigation.

Dai Kiet