The 3rd Vietnam-International Choir competition opened

The choir competition began at 8.30 PM on 19th June at An Hoi Statues Garden (Hoi An city). It’s one of three key events and the first activity of the 5th Quang Nam Heritage Festival’s programme. It’s also the second times to be held in the Ancient Town.


About 500 contestants of 15 choir troupes from 8 countries and territories attending the competition: Australia, USA (3 troupes) , Taiwan Chinese, Germany, Korea, Myanmar,Malaysia, Indonesia (7 troupes:Paduan Suara Anak Batam, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Choir, Paduan Suara Gema Aksi Weda, Tri Tunggal Chiristian School Choir, Voice of Soul, Paramadina Choir và Narawungngi Dasandriya UTY Choir) and 3 troupes of Vietnam (Quang Nam Culture and Information Center, Hoi An Catholic Church and Hoi An Children Choir Club).

The choir troupes will compete in 13 levels for Male choirs, Female choirs, Fixed choirs, Children and Youth choirs (Age 16-25), Sacred Choir Music, Folklore and Sacred Choir Music in the 18th -19th century.

In the opening concert, 6 choir troupes presented 9 songs, brought different impressions to the viewers: the noisy and excited “Ondel-ondel” of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Choir troupe (Indonesia), the low sound “Waltzing Mathilda” of Twed Heads troupe (Australia). Beside the multi-colour traditional ethnic clothes and natural spirit of “children artists” from Taiwan Chinese is the noble appearance in black costume of the female singers from Korea… The special performance of the host Hoi An city expressed the national traditional culture and the hospitality of Hoi An residents through three songs “Vui hội lồng đèn” (Enjoy Mid-Autumn Feastival), “Hội An chào đón” (Welcome to Hoi An) and “Hòa nhịp con tim” (Keeping pace with the heart)…

Giving a speech in the opening ceremony, Mr Tran Minh Ca, Vice chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Commitee, Chief of the Festival’s Organising Board said ” The 3rd Vietnam-International Choir Competition will bring new creations in performing art, the unique and typical cultural characteristics of the countries and territories. From the strong spreading and unlimited ways of music, the 3rd Vietnam-International Choir Competition will be a friendly connecting bridge for all of us in the love, hope and for a happy life, for peace and friendship between the people in a beautiful and bright world”.

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