The 1st 64 slice CT scanner used in Quang Ngai


​A 64 slice computed tomography (CT) scanner has been put into operation in Quang Ngai provincial General Hospital on June 12.

The American technological scanner worth 23 billion VND (around 1 million USD) is the first one in this central province to be expected to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment in the hospital, especially some complicated diseases of heart, brain, blood vessel and rib-cage.

This technology increases both “spatial” and “temporal” resolution for more detailed images to be created in a shorter amount of time.

Unlike a traditional “x-ray,” which is taken in only 2 dimensions, this allows the physician to look at the arteries and other organs in the body from essentially any direction, which is extremely valuable in the diagnosis of disease.

Earlier, a team of doctors was sent to Ho Chi Minh city to study running the scanner.

Thu Huong