Party pursues socialist-oriented market economy


The Hanoitimes – A Party conference o­n June 8 underlined the need to continue developing a socialist-oriented market economy, considering it an essential requirement.

The General Secretary of the Party Central Committee Theoretical Council, Professor Nguyen Viet Thong, delivered a report emphasising that maintaining a socialist orientation while developing the market economy is o­ne of the fundamental principles of the Doi Moi (Renewal) process in Vietnam.

This is a new, complex matter for Vietnam, both theoretically and practically, he said.

The conference reviewed the cognitive process of the Communist Party of Vietnam in developing a socialist-oriented market economy over the past 27 years of the Doi Moi process, and pointed out some prominent issues that need to be addressed.

They examined the actual situation of the Vietnamese economy from the perspectives of production forces and labour relations, economic capacity, and different economic sectors.

Delegates looked at the role of the market economy in realising the goal of building “a prosperous people, a powerful country and an equitable, democratic and civilised society”, as well as creating material and technical premises for socialism.

They also looked at the results of international economic integration and the settlement of the relationship between economic and cultural development, alongside meeting the targets of social progress and justice.

Researchers and scientists put forth new ideas for accelerating the development of a sustainable, socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam.

They made an in-depth analysis of international experiences in developing a market economy and resolving social and economic issues to lay the foundation for future social development.

The delegates also clarified the current and future issues facing the country and proposed policies for developing an appropriate market economy up to 2020 and beyond.