Paintings from Truong Sa

PANO – More than 20 paintings of the Truong Sa Archipelago will be showcased in an exhibition titled “Truong Sa-Steel Rampart-Homeland”, set to open on June 24th at 16 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi.


Those paintings were sketched by painter Dang Cong Ngoan during his visit to Truong Sa Archipelago this April on board the HQ996 ship.

During the trip, Ngoan is the first person to reach every island and the last person to leave, trying to create as many sketches as possible of these islands and the soldiers. Dozens of portraits were presented to the soldiers on islands with touching words.

From these sketches the painter has created oil paintings in 1mx1.2m size to introduce to mainlanders.

Talking about his exhibition, Ngoan, who is also a journalist of the Nhan Dan Newspaper, confided that he would like very much to offer these paintings for island soldiers who have been bravely defending national territorial waters.
Translated Mai Huong