Overseas student brings musicals back to local stage

The non-profit art project titled “Goc Pho Danh Vong” (The Corner of Fame) will be brought back to Hanoi stage this summer.




Last year, the projected directed by the 21-year-old overseas student Nguyen Phi Phi Anh studying in America, fascinated audiences with its debut performances featuring excerpts from world renowned classic musicals, with the lyrics rewritten in Vietnamese as well as recent hits from global music charts by famous singers like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Beyonce.

According to the organizers, they created the show with the aim to bring a large audience the chance to enjoy a high-quality art space at a reasonable price.

This year, besides the remake of last year’s musical, Phi Anh and his team will showcase a new detective musical project titled “Dem He Sau Cuoi” (The last summer night). It is inspired from Agatha Christie’s classic detective novels and modern comic books like Japanese well-known series Conan. The combination between musical and a detective story promises to bring audiences new summer experiment.

Through his musical, Phi Anh wants to depict the practical lifestyle of many modern youths as well as the messy entertainment industry.

“People watching my musical will realize that that flashy world is not something I create on stage. It’s a real world which they could meet somewhere in life or read on newswire every morning,” Phi Anh shared.

“Goc Pho Danh Vong 2013″ has started casting actors since April and received a large number of registrations from local youths who have passion on this kind of art.

Huong Thao, who left a deep impression on Vietnam’s Got Talent 2012 show’s audience thanks to a scientist with a “mermaid” voice and a strong passion for singing, will also join to perform for the project.

“Goc Pho Danh Vong” and “Dem He Sau Cuoi” is scheduled to be performed in three nights in July and August in Hanoi.

Last year, the show received big support from local audiences and media. Its 1,200 tickets were sold out.