National Assembly debates revised Law on Practicing Thrift and Combating Waste


(VOVworld) – The revised Law on practicing thrift and combating waste topped the National Assembly’s discussion on Tuesday. The deputies attributed the reason behind increasing waste to poor decisions by leaders of agencies and organization. Cao Thi Xuan, a deputy from Thanh Hoa province, says: “The responsibility of leaders for practicing thrift and combating wastefulness has not been integrated with individual responsibility. The current law does not clarify an individual’s accountability for causing waste. So, the revisions must stipulate the responsibility of the leader who make investment decisions and use of national asset which must be based on certain principles, leaders’ civil and even criminal responsibility must be held accounted for when waste is detected”.

The deputies suggested some measures to practice thrift saying that it is necessary to set up standard criteria for using the State money and assets. They stressed the need to accelerate the SOE restructuring to make State funding more effective while calling for thrift in community activities.