Implementation of preventive measures against drought


​In the afternoon of 11 June, the provincial work delegation led by Vice Chairman of the PPC Pham Truong Tho checked drought prevention in reservoirs of Binh Son district – where owns 55 existing reservoirs in the area.

​Due to prolonged heat water, reservoirs in the district are in very low water levels, averaging about 25-30% of the designed water level. In particular, there are some reservoirs with the 10-20% water level such as Gia Hoi, An Hoi (Binh Thanh Dong commune ), Hoc Bua, Phuong Hoang (Binh Tan commune), Hoc Da (Binh Khuong commune). Besides, many dams are in state of deterioration and damage for production.

Vice Chairman assigned DARD to collect dams damaged, degraded to repair and upgrade in the future.

Mr. Tho also required relevant units to better implement appropriate measures to prevent drought situation as plans approved, economical use of water resources, clearing the canals to ensure enough water for summer-autumn crop production.

Reportedly, in the summer-autumn crop of the year 2013, farmers in the district completed the sowing area of ​​4,500 hectares and 2,000 hectares of other types.

Dai Kiet