Hanoi Industrial Parks Accompanying Businesses and Investors


Hanoi currently has 8 industrial parks (IPs) with a total area of 1230 hectares, 2012 revenue was over US$ 4.5 billion (accounting for more than 50 percent of industrial production value, 40 percent of exports and 20 percent of the city’s total GDP). Although 2012 saw difficulties in the world economy as well as the difficulties inherent in the country and the city, investment attraction into Hanoi’s IPs continues to achieve encouraging results and contributes to socio-economic development of the capital and the country.

Vietnam Business Forum had an interview with Mr Nguyen Xuan Chinh, Chairman of the Management Board of Hanoi’s Industrial Zones and Export Processing, to learn about the operation of the IPs in the city. Thuy Trang reports.

Would you evaluate the investment results of the IPs in Hanoi in recent times?

Attracting investment into Hanoi’s IPs has developed. In 2012, the Management Board has issued new investment certificate for 28 secondary projects (up 11.9 percent compared to 2011), including 23 foreign-invested projects with total registered capital of US$ 336.1 million and 5 domestic projects with registered capital of VND 88.3 billion, granted adjusting capital investment certificates for 27 projects with registered capital increase of US$ 169.7 million and VND 100.6 billion (up 166 percent compared to 2011). Thus, in 2012, Hanoi IPs attracted 55 projects with a total investment capital of VND 515 billion (equivalent), almost double that of 2011 (accounting for 50 percent of the city).

Foreign-invested projects in Hanoi’s IPs are mainly in the field of supporting industries, mechanical engineering and electronics. They are in line with industry needs for industrial development in the city’s current period, contributing to the industrialization and modernization of the capital in as early as 1 to 2 years under the Government Resolution.

In the first three months of 2013, there were 6 new investment projects with total investment of US$ 50.3 million and VND 40 billion, and 24 adjusted projects, in which 3 projects increased capital by US$ 5.1 million.

In recent years, what are the Management Board’s activities to support and create favourable conditions for businesses and investors to operate in IPs and EPZs?

With its function, over the years, the Management Board has committed to work with enterprises and investors to remove the obstacles to investment and production activities, supported businesses to address their concerns about administrative procedures such as registering investment certificate and adjusted investment certificate, planning approval certificate, building permit certificate and certificate of origin.

The Management Board also organized a training program to propagate policy and Resolution 13/NQ-CP about some solutions to overcome difficulties and obstacles for business, and support marketing for businesses; organized dialogues between businesses and coordinated with departments for corporate training; guided enterprises to strictly observe the provisions of the law on environmental protection, implemented regulations and policies for workers.

Some units of the Board operate effectively in supporting businesses, such as the Centre of Information and Investment Promotion regularly collecting business information, surveying markets, introduce investors for meeting to exchange business cooperation and support to help businesses in dealing with administrative procedures; the supporting Centre consults and supports business in the implementation of administrative procedures: filing application for approval of architectural plans, environmental monitoring, for building permits, fire regulation and project transfers; and the Job Centre surveys the employment needs of business in the IPs and signs labour supply contracts.

What are the development orientation of Hanoi’s IPs and EPZs for 2020 and subsequent years?

According to Decision 1081/QD-TTg dated July 6th 2011 of the Prime Minister approving the master plan on socio-economic development of the city by 2020, with the orientation to 2030, the Prime Minister also has determined to focus on the development of IPs. Accordingly, by 2030 Hanoi will have 33 IPs with an area of 8000 ha. Professions to attract investment include auxiliary industries, industries with high levels of intelligence and environmental friendly.

In the coming year, Hanoi will implement the construction of IPs to attract investment in the fields of information technology (Him Lam IT Park), high technology (Sai Dong B Industrial Zone), supporting industry (supporting IP of South Hanoi), clean industrial projects (Soc Son clean IPs) and bio-technology (submit to license the construction of Tu Liem bio-tech IP).