Former Vietnamese Ambassador awarded French noble order

French Ambassador in Vietnam Mr. Jean-Noël Poirier on June 20th granted the second class Order of Legion of Honour to Trinh Ngoc Thai, former Vietnamese Ambassador to France, in acknowledgement of his efforts for peace, development and the promotion of mutual understanding between the two nations, and his contributions to Vietnam’s integration into the international arena.


As Vietnamese Ambassador in France, Trinh Ngoc Thai in association with French agencies greatly contributed to organizing state-level official visits of French leaders to Vietnam, such as President François Mitterand’s visit in 1993. This was the first state-level official visit of a European national leader to Vietnam since 1975, opening a new era for the development of bilateral relations of the two countries.

In 1990s, Ambassador Trinh Ngoc Thai also helped the establishment and development of French agencies in Vietnam, as well as the promotion of French language.

The Order of Legion of Honour is the noblest order of French Republic launched by Napoléon Bonaparte on May 19th, 1802, in acknowledgement of contributions of individuals to France.

Translated by Tran Hoai